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Student of the month!

Zanshin-Kai Aikido as decided to reward students with a “Special” area to talk about what aikido means to them and what they plan to do in the next year to enhance their experience.

Students will be picked out at random, and their post will stay active until the end of each month…starting in may 2016!

If you think its about winning....your wrong!

About Zanshin-Kai Aikido

Zanshin-Kai aikido was created eleven years ago by founder and chief instructor Sensei Palmer….Read on to find out more.   

The club came to be not long after I passed shodan.  The idea being that I had spent seven years taking knowledge from my instructors, that I thought it was time to give something back and at the same time, take my own learning to another level.  The late William “Bill” Smith Shihan gave me his blessing and Brian Burrows donated some old mats to the club.

I was working at Sutton College at the time, and managed to hire some space in the Dance Studio of the Old Art School up the road from the main building.  Our first class was attended  by our present “Sempai” Alex Lawrence and within a few weeks of opening we had eight students on the tatami.

After four years, we decided to move the club to another part of Sutton (Mere Green) to see if we could increase our numbers.  As well as moving location, Zanshin-Kai expanded by opening junior classes in two primary schools in Erdington and at one point this swelled our numbers from fifteen to forty students!


About Go Shin Kai

Zanshin-Kai is a founding member of Go Shin Kai Aikido Association which was formed earlier this year.

Go Shin Kai was formed to keep a link between the teachings of the “O’Sensei’s” uchideshi, the late William Smith while still keeping in line with the present day teachings from Shihan’s sent from Hombu Dojo.

Presently there are eight clubs who form Go Shin Kai (Kidderminster Aikido Club, Gloucester Aikido Club, Bloomsbury Aikido Club and Zanhin-Kai.  The house currently has four 6th Dan instructors, two 5th Dan instructors and two 4th Dan instructors with  the total years experience of the senior members of the house totals over 120 years!


About British Aikido Board (BAB)

Zanshin-Kai and all Go Shin Kai clubs are members of the BAB.

The British Aikido Board operates primarily through its member Associations. There are 30 currently Full Members with 14 Associate and Probationary Members of regional and national status, who each retain their independence, both technically and financially, with a combined membership of some 7,000 , which includes 1203 instructors holding current Coaching Awards.

The Board is recognised by Sport England , as the only governing body for aikido in the United Kingdom and is a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance.