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Zanshin-Kai Aikido
Our history continued…

By 2009, student numbers were declining and the school clubs abandoned, though a new dojo is opened at the “Doug Ellis Centre” at Birmingham City University.  This site is left and a smaller dojo is sought.  A further move out to Wood Green Academy (Wednesbury) proves to be a fruitless 6 months and we find a new home at 610 Community Centre in Kingstanding where we spend the next three years.   

We finally settle at  The Sports  Hub on Holford Drive (Perry Barr).  Though our club is small (in comparison to other martial art classes) we pride ourselves on paying great attention to detail with a strong emphasis on discipline and the martial way.

•November 2001 - First dojo at the "Old Art School", Alex Lawrence becomes the first student.

•2006 -  Yenton Primary School junior dojo is opened.
•Summer 2006 - The passing of UKA founder Mr William "Bill"Smith OBE Shihan.

•Summer 2006 - Featherstone Primary  Junior dojo is opened.

•Winter 2006 -  Zanshin-Kai move St James Church Hall in Mere Green.

•Winter 2007 - Zanshin-Kai gets its first home grown "brown belt", as Richard Player is awarded 1st Kyu.

•Summer 2009 - Zanshin-Kai now have three 1st kyu students namely Richard Player, Adam Bennett and Alex Lawrence.

•Winter 2009 -  Zanshin-Kai closes its doors at both primary schools.

•Spring 2010 - New dojo opens at the Doug Ellis centre at Birmingham City University.

•Winter 2011 - Club opens main dojo at 610 community centre.

Spring 2015 - Club moves to Holford Drive Sport Hub

Sensei Palmer

Roku-dan (4th Dan)
Fukishidoin so Hombu

I started Aikido quite late in life, it was one of those things that I wanted to do…but put off till tomorrow.   My Uncles were semi pro boxers, but the idea of getting hit in the face did not appeal to me, plus as a boy I thought it was a luxury that my family could do without.

In the 70’s My grandparents use to live a stones throw from the BAI in Highgate (Birmingham), and I recall wondering up there a few times when parts of the building were used like a community centre. I remember seeing some guys in white suits being thrown about…little did I know in them days!

When I left school, I managed to get a job in printing, and through my “teenage years” I got hooked on Ice Hockey, securing a spot “on the bench” with three regional clubs…Birmingham Blades, Telford Tornadoes and lastly Birmingham Eagles. Hockey to me was my life and I played until I was 31.

By this time, most of my friends were doing a variety of martial arts, and were “champion's” of this and that, but I wanted to do something different!